26A Asma Fahmy St. Ard El Golf , Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Sammakia History

Radwan Sammakia

Sammakia Bros. Company

  • Sammakia Bros. Co. was founded by Mr. Radwan Sammakia on 1996 in Cairo, Egypt.. Company is specialized in the manufacture and trade of circular knitting based products
  • For nearly 20 years, Sammakia Bros. Co. continued to add to its core competencies operating in dire competition in the cotton products marketplace in Egypt.
  • Under the now renowned brand name embartor®, which was first introduced to the Egyptian market in 1997, the company is leading the way of innovation and creativity in manufacturing and trading of men’s underwear, home wear, and socks.
  • Making excellent use of the globally-branded Egyptian cotton, state-of-the-art equipment and managed by high-calibre professionals and craftsmen working through a solid network of modern showrooms, embartor® over the years, succeeded in building customer trust and loyalty through a wide range of classy and elegant men’s underwear products.
  • In 2005, embartor® launched its’ first own branded store offering its’ loyal customers an easier access to its’ full range of underwear and home wear products.
  • In 2007, embartor® launched its first franchised store. Since then, willing franchisees continue to show interest in forming that sort of partnership and investing in this form of trade.
  • In 2008 embartor® launched its’ men’s home wear products line, offering it’s’ customers a wide range of comfortable and elegant pyjamas, lounge wear and cotton sportswear.
  • In 2016 the approximate figures for the manufactured products as per the production facilities were:    Underwear:  5,000,000 pieces , Home wear:  250,000 pieces
  • embartor® premium quality products are now widely used and adopted by wide variety of customers, with a client base growing every day.
  • Customer satisfaction has always been the goal. To achieve such noble aim, embartor® continuously aspires to enhance its core capabilities and permanently improves the staff expertise, already evolved and developed over the years.
  • Intensive and extensive Production, Sales and Customer Service training programs are continuously introduced to the staff, qualifying them to deliver extraordinary value to end customers.
  • embartor® products are distributed across Egypt through a very dynamic team of Sales persons and distributor
  • With a database of more than 1000 stores selling its’ products, it is quite a challenging task to find a store specializing in the selling of underwear or home wear that does not have embartor® products within.
  • From Mega stores and hypermarkets to small retailers in distant cities, embartor® products are always easily found and clearly displayed for easy access and direct reach of loyal customers.
  • By 2017, stores in Egypt will reach more than 60 stores full operate under Sammakia sales team under Brand embartor®
  • Over the years, Sammakia Bros. succeeded to export its’ products to several countries embartor® with rebellious global distributer success to convey the Egyptian spirit through a lofty objective To offer comfort design wear at a revolution price, while leading the way for garments industry conscious to a higher purpose